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Mailbag: Offensive Tackle As A Draft Priority?; Why Pay For Peterson?


Why would Dallas trade for or sign Adrian Peterson if DeMarco Murry leaves? Wouldn't it be better to draft a running back who is younger and wouldn't command a high price?*

Bryan: They wouldn't trade for Peterson unless he agreed to reduce his contract which he can do. He has three years remaining with some high numbers. If the Vikings do release him then you are talking a whole different ball game. What you also need to know is that Adrian Peterson is better than any of the running backs in this draft and anyone in free agency including DeMarco Murray.

David:Firstly, I really don't think the Cowboys would trade for Peterson. His contract is too big and the cost of what they'd have to give up on top of that would be too high. If the Vikings were to release him, then that'd be a different story. Why? Because even at 30 years old, Peterson is a once-in-a-generation talent – a very likely Hall of Famer who skipped an entire year's worth of mileage while sitting out during 2014. On top of that, his off-field issues and his age would likely make him a bit more affordable for whatever team signs him after he's released. It's worth emphasizing for the umpteenth time that this is all hypothetical. I don't think the Vikings are going to let Peterson go without a fight.

If we aren't able to sign Free or Parnell, do you think we will draft another offensive lineman in the first round? Guard or tackle? I know defense is priority but with Romo's age/injuries recently solidifying the tackle positions is equally important.

Bryan:Jerry Jones said it himself that if they had to draft an offensive tackle to replace Doug Free or Jermey Parnell that he was more than willing to do that. I would call the signing of a right tackle as equally as important as signing DeMarco Murray.

David:If both Free and Parnell leave during free agency, I'd go as far as to say offensive tackle becomes this team's highest priority. Tyron Smith is a rock on the left side, but who do you have to play right tackle? Darrion Weems? I wouldn't feel comfortable just handing him the job. A top caliber offensive tackle, if he were available, would be a big boost for the line.

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