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Mailbag: Opening The Season Against Philly? Changing The NFL's DPI Rule?



Wouldn't you agree that the PI calls down field resulting in spot fouls change games? Case in point: this year's AFC Championship game, resulting in two spot fouls which led to the Patriots winning. This call changes games for the worse because quarterbacks heave the ball hoping and praying for this call. I believe it needs to be at least talked about and changed to at the most a 15-yard penalty, not spot of the foul.

Bryan: I don't disagree that something needs to be done. I have always liked the college rule of 15 yards from the line of scrimmage. What needs to be looked at is, if a defender pulls down a receiver that clearly would have beaten him for a touchdown. But I do believe there are ways to change the rules for the better in this case. 

David:Honestly, I don't have a huge problem with the rule as it is. You will, on occasion, see 30 and 40-yard pass interference penalties, but I don't think it's happening with such frequency that it's hurting the game. There needs to be incentive to deter cornerbacks from interfering on those long balls. Otherwise, they'll simply tackle the receiver every time they're beaten, turning a potential 40-yard gain into a 15-yard penalty. 



Since there can't be a Super Bowl rematch on opening day, I'm saying that the Eagles are going to host the Cowboys in the first game of the season. Your thoughts?

Bryan: There is a pretty good possibility of that. NBC has hosted plenty of Dallas-Philadelphia games over the years. They actually did it last November. It's always a great ratings draw when those two teams get together. 

David:It sure seems like an appealing opener, doesn't it? Unless NBC wants to do a Vikings-Eagles NFC Championship rematch on the first night of the season, then the Cowboys look like a heck of an appealing option. Plus, here's a crazy stat: the Cowboys haven't opened the season on the road since 2012, when they faced off against New York after the Giants' last Super Bowl.

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