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Mailbag: Opening Up A QB Competition? Speculating On Romo's Future?

Rumors are reported that Tony Romo will be released.  If Jerry is willing to do that, why not give Romo the chance to compete in camp for the starting QB role? If Romo wins the role, then he deserves it and Dak is ready/learning as the back-up.  If Dak wins, then release Romo for the cap savings.

David:I know plenty of fans disagree with me, but I just think the time for that has passed. It ended when the Cowboys opted to roll with Dak in November. Dak is 23 and a Pro Bowler. He's not hurting the salary cap. It makes no sense to waste this promising start to his career when he could be developing. You could even argue that, right now, Tony Romo is the better quarterback. But when you consider the financial aspect, not to mention age and team chemistry, it just doesn't seem worth it to muddy up the situation.

Rob:I just don't think you can go back to a competition/potential controversy in training camp this summer. Meaning, the organization has gone down this road with Dak as the starter and he responded with arguably the best season in rookie history. In the process, he took a leadership role on this team. The other thing is, Romo stated back in November that he still had the desire to compete. If the team is rolling with Dak, then Romo has earned the right to be able to move on and continue his career as a starter – if that's indeed what he wants. We haven't heard anything from him or the team on what might happen here yet.

The correct business decision would be to release Romo after June 1. It would add more money to the cap. If Tony is going to be released before then, why in the world would Jerry not trade him for at least something in return? Seems like a no brainer to me. The Cowboys don't owe Romo anything. This is business not personal.

David:Obviously, if you decide to move on from a player, it'd be great to get something in return. The problem is that NFL clubs are smart, and I'm not sure they see the advantage of surrendering precious draft picks if they don't have to. Romo is turning 37 soon. He has a long injury history, and he's hurting the Cowboys' cap. It seems unlikely they'll hold on to him in 2017. If that's the case, there will be plenty of teams who opt to just wait it out. If they do try to trade him, the Cowboys' best hope is that an interested team agrees to a trade in order to avoid bidding on the open market.

Rob:Just to be clear, there's been no official word from the team regarding Romo's future. If indeed Romo moves on, yeah, spreading the cap hit over two seasons might make the most sense. I don't know that you can just say, trade him. It's not that simple given the size of his contract, for starters.

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