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Mailbag: Opportunities For The Slot WRs? Willingness To Draft A QB?


Do you think we will see more opportunities for Beasley and Whitehead this week, since the outside receivers will have their hands full?*

Bryan: The slot players will have their hands full with Buster Skrine, as well. This is not an easy matchup across the board. I expect that we will see the game plan to try and get the ball out quick and really hope for the best – if Cassel holds it for any length of time there will be some serious problems.

David:Regardless of where he's throwing the ball, Cassel needs to be getting it out quickly if he's going to have any success. Revis and Cromartie aren't the type of duo you want to gamble against on the outside, but I'm not sure we've seen anything from the short game that inspires a lot of confidence, either.


Why is it when a player starts to get old we talk about his replacement in the draft but, when it's a quarterback we act as if we can't even talk about it?*

Bryan: Who is acting like we can't talk about the quarterback? Our whole show on Tuesday of Cowboys Break was about the quarterback position and what needs to be done about it. This team cannot afford to take the same approach that we did in the early 2000's – they need to have a plan ready to go when Tony Romo is done. I believe they are thinking in that direction.

David:I assume you're referring to the debate among fans and media about whether it's time to draft a quarterback. The answer is pretty simple. There are a lot of people that believe this team is good enough to contend next year – if you make the big assumption that Romo can stay healthy. This is only the second time in 10 seasons as a starter that he has played fewer than 13 games, so I get the logic. The question becomes: do you make it a priority to add to a talented roster so Romo has the best chance to compete right away, or do you worry about the future – maybe even at the cost of next season? It's going to be a lively debate all spring, so get ready.


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