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Mailbag: Overlooking Kellen Moore? David Irving's Prospects Next Year?

With the most recent talks about possibly drafting a quarterback in this year's draft to even adding RGIII or Johnny Manziel, are we overlooking Kellen Moore as the possible future quarterback? I felt he played extremely well given the circumstances and limited playmakers around him.

Bryan: It sure appears that we are overlooking Kellen Moore, but he has been overlooked his entire career. I agree with you that, given the situation, he played well -- but there will always be questions about his physical abilities. I would like to see him get the opportunity to be the backup behind Tony Romo, but if there are quarterbacks on the street that they thought more as franchise types, then they are going to go that route.

David:There's no doubt he's being overlooked – people are always going to be intrigued by the bigger names and better talent. That said, the front office's job is to try to upgrade the talent on the roster. I have no problem with Kellen Moore going to training camp as part of this roster, but I think it'd be a mistake to just hand him the reigns to the backup job. But he's certainly deserving of a chance to make the 53 next summer.


Reading through Nick's article on the DL, I was surprised to see no mention of David Irving. I believe he showed some promising flashes during his game time -- do you guys think he could be part of the rotation next season?

Bryan: I am surprised that Nick didn't mention him if that was the case? I think he would agree with me that Irving did flash some promise during the opportunities he got before he was injured. I would be interested to see if he could be a defensive end in this scheme? They were starting to work him more in that role and with his length plus quickness he might have a chance as a nice edge player. I like him in a rotation regardless where he plays for this defense.

David: I absolutely think he'll be part of the rotation – though if Bryan doesn't know where, then I certainly don't. I honestly thought he showed promise as a defensive tackle who can create penetration. He definitely showed enough potential that I'm excited to see him get an extended look in 2016. I wouldn't expect him to start, but I imagine he'll be one of the eight or nine pass rushers they wind up keeping. He's got position flex, which is oh-so-valuable to this coaching staff.

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