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Mailbag: Pass Rush Helping The Secondary? Big Opportunity For Showers?



Just wondering if we're overreacting to how good these young corners have looked. Our pass rush last year was the best it has been in six years. Do you think the pass rush is making the corners look good or is it the coverage that's allowing the pass rush to get home?

Bryan: No overreaction on my part. The rush the wasn't great every game and these kids were able to hold their own. I think these kids are really good and with Kris Richard now as their coach, they should play even better.  

David:Those two things always god hand in hand, so it is a fair question. I am not particularly worried about it, because of the confidence and the athleticism these young guys play with. There will definitely be bumps in the road, but the pass rush was not so good that it masked their play. These guys should be fine.



Looking through the roster as it is currently, I was surprised to see that Jameill Showers is actually the biggest safety on the team. It reminded me of the comment Broaddus made recently when he was mentioning 'whispers' that people shouldn't sleep on him. I would think his QB experience would help him call out coverages from the back end. What's the word on his progress?

Bryan: It's been two years now for Showers at safety and it will still be an uphill climb for him to make this team. I think you're over valuating his quarterback experience in helping him during this transition. They like Showers chances more than me and that's okay but I'd like to see a guy like Tyree Robinson get as many snaps as possible. He's the one guy that has those free safety traits they seek.  

David:If there is one thing that works in Showers' favor, it's that Kris Richard is here now. A new coach with a new blueprint for the defense can spell wonders for a player down the depth chart. If something about Showers' game works for Richard, then he should undoubtedly benefit. Now, I don't think I'm going to pencil him into my 53-man roster. But maybe the change will see him get a fresh opportunity.

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