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Mailbag: Plan For Chaz Green? Using Dunbar As Kick Returner?


What is the plan for Chaz Green?  He's on the PUP list for the first six games, then what?  With the addition of Jordan Mills, will they put Green on injured reserve and get him ready for next year?*

Bryan: They could leave him on PUP for the remainder of the season and get him ready for next season or if there are injuries along the offensive line get him ready then. With the addition of Jordan Mills they have protected themselves from having to force that decision.

David:It'll be interesting to see what they decide to do with Green. When he comes off PUP, they don't necessarily have to activate him. They can ease him into practice, or they can shut him down and essentially give him a redshirt year. Like Bryan said, it may depend on what the injury situation looks like in October.



In the preseason games Dunbar was used as a kick returner with good results. Do you think that the addition of Michael give us a better option to leave Dunbar as a kick returner due to his explosiveness?*

Bryan: Dunbar is one of those guys that dresses regardless due to what he does on special teams. We need to see what Lucky Whitehead's role on this team will be. I'm hearing that he received extensive work with the offense during Wednesday's practice. If Whitehead dresses you will likely see him in that role – if not Dunbar and McFadden both have worked there.

David:I would expect that Dunbar will be one of the guys back there, because his versatility and experience on special teams makes him valuable. I'm at least a little dubious about how many touches he will get on offense, so featuring him on special teams would be an effective way to get him involved.

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