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Mailbag: Plan For Day 2?; What Does Byron Jones Pick Mean For Carr?

With so many solid defenders left, such as Landon Collins, do we try to make a move up and really solidify the back end of the defense? Or is D-Line or running back more of a priority now since we already got Jones?

David:I'm going to have a close eye on Randy Gregory when the second round begins tonight. I don't think the Cowboys would be willing to jump all the way up to the beginning of the round, like they did last year. But if Gregory continues to slip, they could decide that his value is worth a trade up. If that doesn't happen, I assume they'll do the smart thing and let the board come to them. They can afford to take the best player available, especially now that they've addressed the secondary.

Rob: I don't think you move up for Landon Collins because you just drafted a guy to potentially play some safety. Pass rush and running back are the top priorities, and there are several good prospects still on the board, particularly at running back. Once again, though, the Cowboys are somewhat helpless picking at the bottom of the round. As Stephen said, moving up is always a possibility – it just depends on how much you're willing to give up.


With the Boys selecting Jones last night, is the writing on the wall for Brandon Carr to either take a pay cut or be released after June 1?

David:I think it'd be crazy to outright cut Brandon Carr, regardless of the selection of Byron Jones. If you cut Carr, it leaves you with Orlando Scandrick, a rookie and an injured Morris Claiborne as your top three corners. I think the trio of Carr, Scandrick and Jones is much more appealing, and then you get what you can from Claiborne and Tyler Patmon. The Cowboys have already accounted for Carr's salary, but they obviously don't want to pay him that much. It will be interesting to see how that negotiation plays out, but I'd be reluctant to cut him.

Rob: The Cowboys hold more leverage now if that's the line they want to take with Carr. They've got a player who can potentially step into the starting lineup Week 1 if needed. They didn't have that last year. At the same time, they're smart enough to realize they need as many cover guys as possible, especially with Mo Claiborne very iffy to return for the start of training camp. They believe Carr helps this defense – they just apparently don't want a cap hit of $12.7 million for 2015.

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