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Mailbag: Plans For Salary Cap Space? Orlando Scandrick's Motivation?


What is Dallas going to do when the money from Tony Romo's release is available in June? Do they look to sign an above average free agent released from another team, or do they re-sign a player currently on their roster?

Rob:Top priorities likely would be signing their draft class and eventually using that space to get a Zack Martin extension done. The Cowboys also like to have a little room left over for injury settlements, signing injury replacements, etc. And of course they'll keep their eyes on free agents released in training camp and preseason, like every team does.

Bryan:Money could be used in a couple of different ways. Extending Martin has been in the cards for a while now and will likely happen before or while at training camp. The money can also be used to sign the current rookie class. Whatever is left will also be used to provide a cushion going into the season for needs down the line.  


Orlando Scandrick appears to be a passionate player all the time, but it seems he was most competitive when he had doubters or was pushed down the roster "on paper" because of draft status when compared to Mike Jenkins and Morris Claiborne. Do you think he's going to show up at camp with some extra juice, especially after the trade rumors?

Rob: He sure sounded motivated at the Reliant Home Run Derby on Monday. But that's not really anything different. Remember, he entered the league as a fifth-round pick in 2008 and earned his spot. This is a competitive player. For almost a decade he's kept a prominent role despite the Cowboys adding competition in free agency and the draft (12 other corners drafted since 2008). Injuries have set him back the last two years, but he's still very confident in what he can do when healthy.

Bryan:I like what you've said about Scandrick as a competitor because it's true. Extra juice? I don't see anything different about him coming into camp. He has always believed in working to improve and don't worry about things he can't control. This is one of those situations.  

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