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Mailbag: Playing Dime Defense Against Rodgers? Plan For Injured Players?

When Dallas played Detroit their offense had a pretty impressive first half against Dallas' standard 4-3 defense.  Then, in the second half, Rod Marinelli switched to a 32 Dime (6 DBs) defense, which completely shut out Detroit the entire half.  Will we see a similar defensive scheme against Green Bay Sunday in order to shut down their high-powered passing attack?

Bryan: I would be surprised if Marinelli plays Rodgers the same way. I do think you're going to see the Dime package but not as much as before. My feeling is that the Packers are preparing for that. 

David:I'm going to defer to Marinelli on the best course of action, but I'll say this: I feel much better about this defense's chances of clogging the backfield than going all out to pressure Aaron Rodgers. I honestly think he's going to have time to throw, regardless of what the Cowboys do. Whether they opt for nickel or dime coverage, I'd feel better with as many capable coverage players as possible.

With the defensive line and secondary getting a big boost this week, what will the plan be for those players who have not seen the field in a while, like Claiborne, Crawford, Thornton and Lawrence?

Bryan: I see Crawford and Thornton right back in the rotation. Claiborne will be available, but I have the feeling that the coaches are going to stick with Scandrick, Carr and Brown are still the guys. Not sure the plan with Lawrence and his back. 

David:I think most of this team's injury concerns are going to fall right back into their regular workload. I'd be surprised if there's anything limiting Tyrone Crawford, Cedric Thornton or Terrell McClain. It's hard to say on Lawrence, but we've seen him play on a limited snap count before. My gut tells me that Claiborne is going to suit up for this game, but I don't know how much the coaches ask of him unless they have to. 

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