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Mailbag: Position Flex For A Long Snapper? How Is Dak Practicing?

Granted L.P. Ladouceur has be an absolute rock as a long snapper. I've seen teams lose because of botched snaps. So, I'm not necessarily pushing for a change, but how hard is it to long snap? Given the importance of maximizing the roster and the idea of position flex for DL, OL, and DBs, why isn't there talk about position flex at long snapper?

Bryan: It's hard to long snap and the minute you don't have one -- panic in the scouting department sets in. In the grand scheme of things, having a position player do it is ideal, but those guys are few and far between. It's a job you have to work hard at every day and position players just don't have the extra time to be as good as a guy like LP. If it ain't broke -- don't fix it. 

David:You could make a similar case for why a team needs a separate kicker and punter. But ask Dan Bailey or Chris Jones about that, and they'd tell you about what a difficult skillset each job is to master – and how much it'd wear out their legs to do both. I'd imagine it's similar for a long snapper. You could probably get someone to do it – but why not just have a guy who has the time to focus on it? It's only one roster spot at the end of the day.

How has Dak Prescott looked in these minicamps?  I know I can't be the only one worried about him not being able to duplicate his success from last year.

Bryan: At times not very good and other times he's been spot on. I think he's become more consistent with his practices. The up and down has replaced being totally off which I view as progress. To be honest, I no longer worry how he practices.  

David:This is funny timing, because Tuesday might have been the worst practice of Dak's entire spring. That said, I think he has looked really sharp on the whole, and his confidence never seems to waver – which shouldn't surprise anyone by now. I can't predict if he'll be better than last year statistically, but I've got a lot of confidence that he's not going to fall off.

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