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Mailbag: Possibility Of Bringing Back Justin Durant? Jason Witten's Future?

With several reports this morning that the Cowboys are talking to Justin Durant about a return, how would you feel about that move? Would he be an adequate fill-in for McClain.

Bryan: I'd be interested to see where they would play him? When he was here in 2014, he played on the outside as a Will. I am not sure they want to play him at Mike? You currently have Sean Lee as the Will, but as you know he has played his majority of his career as a Mike. I have not heard this from anyone in the front office or coaching staff, but maybe they're considering moving him back to the middle and letting Hitchens and Durant battle on the weak side?. Need to get him signed first before any of this happens.

David: Justin Durant was one of the most underrated members of this defense during the first month of the 2014 season. His problem was that he couldn't stay healthy. He played in just 16 of 34 possible games during his stint in Dallas – less than half – thanks to various injuries, including the torn bicep that ended his 2014 campaign. I'd be in favor of it, because he knows the defense and he wouldn't be expensive. But I wouldn't go into it with high expectations.

With Jason Witten nearing the end of his career, what is the consensus on who his replacement should be currently on the roster? I know this question has been swept under the rug over the past years due to Witten's remarkable ability to continue producing as he ages each year, but it seems like his time to retire is approaching ever more quickly.

Bryan: I don't think anyone has swept Jason Witten retire talk under the rug? With the way that he is playing, especially as a point of attack blocker, he has managed to keep Father Time at arm's length. Sure Witten doesn't separate like he once did, but the production is still there when this club needs it. I believe Witten has a couple of productive seasons left in him and that is when you can start to look for his replacement.

David: If you say so, Devin. I'll believe Jason Witten's done when he says so. He's got three years left on his contract with the Cowboys, and I expect him to play all three of them. Once he gets to that point, maybe it'll be time to have a conversation about his future. And I'm sure the front office will continue to try to address the position in the draft. But in the short-term, I don't think it's something anyone in the building is worried about.


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