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Mailbag: Possible Interest In Zach Mettenberger? Jameill Showers' Future?


Would the Dallas Cowboys have any interest in bringing in Zach Mettenberger as a replacement to Kellen Moore?*

Bryan:I don't see them going that route. I never got the feeling that they were that high on Mettenberger when he was coming out of LSU. I could see them adding a quarterback but only after they go through training camp. If those thoughts changed about Mettenberger, they would have to claim him and they are sitting in a good spot to do so.  

David:I honestly don't think so. If Mettenberger was released by Tennessee, that probably means the Titans feel better about Matt Cassel as their backup – which says a lot, after the results of last season. Dallas has had Kellen Moore in their system for a year, and they're planning to develop Dak Prescott. I'd be surprised if they added Mettenberger to the mix.

I saw you talking about the Jameill Showers on the Roundtable and was wondering if the coaches will allow him to continue to play special teams?  If he does that well and also improves at the QB position, might they keep him as a special teamer while still developing him at the QB spot?  If Dak takes over as starter in 3-4 years, could he be the No. 2 guy?

Bryan:I think we are making too big of a deal about Showers just playing quarterback. He is too good of an athlete just to allow him to play one position. It would not surprise me one bit to continue to seeing him getting opportunities to play on special teams if it helps him make this 53 man roster. I don't see Prescott going anywhere, but I wonder what these coaches would do if Showers out plays Kellen Moore and would they keep him instead?

David:We're projecting awfully far into the future for the No. 4 quarterback on the depth chart. Having said that, I think that Showers' likely future is once again as a practice squad utility player – assuming another club doesn't sign him to its 53-man roster. Showers is a valuable asset, but not so much that I expect him to make the final roster with this team – not in 2016, at least.

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