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Mailbag: Possible Position Switches? Who Might Disappoint This Season?


Are there any positions where we might see a player or two switching during camp?

Bryan: We saw Keith Smith switch from linebacker to fullback but that might be it. What I would keep an eye on is guys playing on different sides within the position. In OTAs, Brandon Carr lined up on the right side during practice with Morris Claiborne on the left side. There was some thought of doing this last season until Orlando Scandrick hurt his knee. We might also see some shuffling around of these linebackers so keep an eye on that too.

David:I don't think it would be a good idea, but I wonder if the coaching staff has any designs on moving Sean Lee back to middle linebacker. We know he can do it, and he might be better suited for the middle than anyone else on the roster now that Rolando McClain is suspended. I don't think they would do that unless Anthony Hitchens and Andrew Gachkar disappoint massively at camp, though.


Who is someone you are high on for camp but could disappoint once we get to the final roster?*

Bryan: I am hope I am wrong about this but I am not really sure how Chaz Green is going to play at tackle? I want to believe that he has the potential to be the right man for the job but there is also a nervous side to me. There were times he appeared to play well in these practices then others where he wasn't as good. The big test will be when those pads come on and we begin to play preseason games.

David:Pick any of the defensive ends. It's easy to be optimistic right now, before the pads have come on, but reality is that this team's pass rush is sorely lacking. The Cowboys are hoping for the best from the likes of Benson Mayowa, David Irving and Ryan Russell, but the likely outcome is that this team will once again have trouble getting to the quarterback.


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