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Mailbag: Possibly Moving Byron To CB? Thoughts On Romo's Legacy?

If we don't window dress our board, can you see us drafting two safeties in the draft, and moving Byron Jones back to CB? Instead of drafting a CB and a safety?

Bryan:No, I can't. Leave Byron at safety and draft a corner. There are too many talented players at both spots to have to be moving guys around. 

David:Byron's versatility definitely makes that possible, and that's why the Cowboys love players with position flex. But I don't think it's likely. Byron's best bet to improve is to stay in the same spot and learn the position – plus, I think his skillset is better suited for safety. I think the front office would prefer to draft a true corner to shore up the position. But Byron's versatility could come in handy if there are injuries or other unforeseen problems.

Now that Tony Romo has retired, do you think, over time, he will finally get the respect he deserves throughout the NFL?

Bryan:The NFL players around the league respect Romo and to be honest that's all he really cares about. So what if some writer in Pittsburgh thinks he sucks?  He's not losing any sleep over this and neither should you. 

David:I think history will be kind to Tony Romo in the long run. He put together quite a career and was one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL for a decade. That said, the Cowboys are a popular and polarizing team, and he will always have his detractors. I wouldn't expect that he'll get into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but he's certainly worthy of the Ring of Honor and will be remembered fondly.

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