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Mailbag: Postseason Awards For The Rookies? Projecting Romo's Future?

The Cowboys have two outstanding offensive rookies on the team, and they both can't win the Offensive Rookie of the Year. Do you think it is possible Dak could win Offensive Rookie of the Year and Zeke win the Offensive Player of the Year Award?

David:Honestly, that's what I expect to happen. I don't think either of them has a good shot to win NFL MVP – because they're rookies, and they're also going to steal votes from each other. One of them is a shoe-in for Offensive Rookie of the Year, and I have no problem giving it to a fourth-round pick who quarterbacked his team to a 13-3 record. Elliott, one could argue, has been the offensive identity of this entire team and one of the most explosive playmakers in the league. Much like DeMarco Murray in 2014, I think he has a fantastic case to be NFL Offensive Player of the Year.

Rob: Well, sure. Both have to be strong contenders for any of those rookie awards, and when you think about what they've contributed to a nine-win turnaround from last season and the best record in the NFC, they each have to be in the conversation for NFL MVP. Hmm…could you give it to both? Doubt that would happen, but now that would be something.

Why are you all expecting Tony Romo to be playing somewhere else next year?  I guess the 2015 season with zero success with a back-up quarterback must have been an aberration.  If the team is going to take a big salary cap hit, I say keep Romo and have the best backup quarterback and insurance against injury policy in the league!

David:Romo is going to cost this team $24 million next year, and you aren't expecting him to play. You also know that he has a strong desire to finish out his career as a starting quarterback, and he doesn't look likely to have that opportunity here. Are you going to force him to stay here as a backup, against his wishes? Are you going to re-structure him? Why would he re-structure to take a job he doesn't want? It doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Combine all of that with everything Romo has done for this franchise, and I think it's only fair to allow him an opportunity to pursue a better situation. It might take some time, but ultimately, that's what I think will happen.

Rob: Well, Jerry Jones said weeks ago that it's tenable to have Romo on the roster with Dak Prescott next season. And Jones has said over and over that the Cowboys' depth at quarterback is essentially a dream scenario compared with where they were last season. I think the speculation stems from the fact that Prescott is the clear present and future at the position and Romo clearly still has a strong desire to play and compete in this league. It's sure to be the biggest topic of the offseason surrounding this team.

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