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Mailbag: Potential Coaching Hires? Offense vs. Defense In The Draft?

Now that Adam Gase has been hired in Miami, any chance Dan Campbell will end up on Jason Garrett's staff in 2016? He was a very likeable Cowboys player during the Parcells years and seemed to be a great locker room presence after Joe Philbin was gone.

Bryan: Nobody is around to ask if Dan is in fact in the mix. I know that he is very well respected by Jason Garrett, but where he fits in is a question that needs to be answered. There hasn't been any indication of what the status is for Mike Pope and whether he would return as the tight end coach. Pope might be ready to move on which is why we are hearing Campbell's name being mentioned in the first place. With the coaches due back next week, we are likely to have a clearer picture.

David:As of Wednesday morning, we've seen reports linking Campbell to at least three or four NFL clubs. He's clearly a commodity heading into the hiring process. Like Bryan said, though, we don't know what's going to happen with Mike Pope for the time being. It stands to reason there's going to be some changes to the Cowboys' coaching staff, but it's hard to project them just yet.

Garet TanakaWAILUKU, HI

I just read an article predicting the Cowboys drafting Laquon Treadwell from Ole Miss, explaining that Tony Romo needs more weapons around him to win. Do you agree with that statement, or should we draft Jalen Ramsey (or another defender) so the defense can cause more three-and-outs, giving Romo more possessions?*

Bryan: Adding Treadwell would be an immediate upgrade opposite Dez Bryant considering what they are working with now. If you draft Ramsey, it would allow you to consider moving Byron Jones to cornerback fulltime or you can just pair them and have an outstanding group of safeties for years to come. Added either one of these players at those positions helps you going forward – impact starters right out of the gate.  

David: Honestly, I think it'd be hard to go wrong with that first pick. Assuming you've scouted your talent correctly, you're going to be drafting a starter-caliber player who immediately upgrades the talent on your roster. There's no doubt in my mind a top-flight receiver would upgrade the offense, and there's no doubt in my mind an elite safety would improve the defense. That's why teams don't pigeonhole themselves into certain strategies – just take the best guy available.

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