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Mailbag: Potential Coaching Staff Changes?; Sunday's Impact On Murray's Contract


If DeMarco Murray doesn't play, does how well Joseph Randle and Lance Dunbar play vs. the Colts determine whether or not the Cowboys re-sign Murray?

Bryan:There is no way they let one game determine whether they sign a player or not. This front office has a number in mind for Murray regardless. If it works, it works -- if not, they go in another direction.

David: I think it would be silly to assume that one game would determine a decision as big as that. That said, I think a lot of people will have a close eye on how the backups perform if Murray is unavailable on Sunday. There's no doubt in my mind that Murray is a better running back than everyone else on this roster, but if his backups can have sustained success behind this line, it does make you wonder what the front office will think about his price tag.

I am a huge fan of this coaching staff. I think it is one of the best we've had in a long time. With that said, who do you anticipate will not be back next year?

Bryan: These coaches have done an outstanding job, but they need to get this thing into the playoffs. If Garrett is in fact extended it will be interesting to see what happens with coaches that had a chance to leave last season but were not able to. I would keep an eye on Bill Callahan, who might once again get the opportunity to coordinate an offense. And would Rod Marinelli leave Dallas to help his dear friend Lovie Smith out? Marinelli is extremely loyal and an honorable man. He did his job here by saving this defense, but it wouldn't surprise me one bit to see him move on.

David: It's really hard to guess until we know how this season plays out – are the Cowboys going to make the playoffs? If they reach the playoffs, how deep into the postseason will they play? All of those things are a factor. That said, my gut feeling would be that I don't really expect Rod Marinelli to hang around next season. What happens to the rest of the defensive staff probably depends on who they'd hire to replace him. Offensively, I doubt Bill Callahan sticks around, but I do feel good about Scott Linehan remaining on board.

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