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Mailbag: Potential Injuries At RB? Claiborne's Possibility Of Production?


Near season's end. What if McFadden and Randle are sidelined due to injury? What then? How is Dunbar progressing. Efficiently? Is he trustworthy enough to pick up the workload?*

Bryan: At that point it won't be about Dunbar – these games will come down to Romo, Bryant, Witten and the offensive line. If you remember even with Murray nicked up last season, Linehan put the game in Romo's hands and he responded with a MVP push in the final month. With all that being said, I have no problem handing the ball to Dunbar and allowing him to do his job. I trust him.  

David:So much of the time we argue about whether McFadden and Randle are able to carry the workload because of their talent, but injury is a very real concern. Given the lack of proven options at running back, perhaps it's possible we'll see the team carry four players at the position – in case of just such an emergency.



Is it a realistic possibility that we will receive any production from Morris Claiborne this year? Is it foolish to even entertain the thought of Mo producing, or should I just keep hoping and praying?*

Bryan: Claiborne will contribute to this defense in 2015. My hunch is that this will be the one season where he is able to put all his injury history behind him and show flashes of the type of player he was in college. There will be a role for him on this team whether as a regular corner or in sub packages.  

David:The front office seems to believe it's not only realistic, but likely. The problem is that front offices and coaching staffs tend to fall more on the optimistic side of the spectrum. I really do hope Mo is capable of putting it together this year. But given the injury he's fighting back from, I'm going to need to see it before I believe it.

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