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Mailbag: Potential Interest In Galette? Training Camp Excitement?

I think if the price is right since the cap room is there, why not try to bring in Junior Galette on an incentive-based deal? Could be key if McClain or Lee don't stay healthy. Opinions?

David:My opinion is that the Cowboys already have enough problem players on the roster without adding another one. Everything that has come out about Galette since he was released by the Saints paints the picture of a guy who might not be great for the locker room. On top of that, the NFL is still looking into his off-field incidents from this past year, and there's every possibility he might have to serve suspension this year. The Cowboys have a strong, veteran locker room, but continuing to add risky players – which Galette is – could tip that in the other direction.

Bryan: Was told there is no way they add Galette - so there is really nothing more here to say.


I have heard plenty of complaints about training camp and preseason games being boring and starters don't play that much. I, on the other hand, LOVE camp and preseason simply because I get a better look at the young players, especially those fighting for a position on the team or practice squad. I don't understand why so many are bored or disinterested. Do you?

David: I share your enthusiasm 100 percent, and I'd venture a guess that most of the readers of this website agree with us. That said, it's a simple truth that not every single Cowboys fan – and not every single football fan, for that matter – wants to digest every tiny piece of information or watch every meaningless preseason play. Training camp is a fantastic time for football junkies who get a kick out of position battles and roster breakdowns. There are also plenty of fans who would prefer for the real stuff to start.  There's absolutely nothing wrong with either mindset, just a matter of preference.

Bryan: I could see where folks get tired of training camp. It is a grind and you are holding your breath every day that no one gets hurt before the season starts. There are less fights for position than you think and to be honest I could probably pick 48 of the 53 players that are going to make up this squad. The start of the season is far more exciting to me than training camp because of the stress that you have to endure -- speaking as a former personnel man.

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