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Mailbag: Potential Interest In Nick Foles? Changing The Draft Strategy?

Now that Nick Foles has been released by the L.A. Rams, do you think our front office will take a look at him for our backup quarterback competition?

Bryan: In talking with a couple of different sources on the availability of Nick Foles – the answer I received was "I just don't think we'd go there." With my guys I can generally tell when there is interest in the player but I didn't get that feeling at all. I believe it's more about playing ability as opposed to money because his Paragraph 5 is not that high.    

David:I don't know if they're going to, but I absolutely think they should. Foles isn't amazing – he obviously got released for a reason. But he is a one-time Pro Bowler, and he has a 60.2 career completion percentage and 53 career touchdowns to go with just 27 picks. I know Kellen Moore has a lot of experience with Scott Linehan, but I have a hard time believing he's clearly better than Foles. If the Cowboys can foster some competition at the quarterback spot, I don't see why not.

Jerry Jones has always been one to take a chance and/or give second chances on players that have character issues off the field. Lately though it seems they been getting burned with taking chances on Gregory, McClain and Hardy to name a few. Do you see the Cowboys possibly changing their philosophy on who they look at in the future as far as drafting/free agency pickups?

Bryan: I worked in the scouting office here for Jerry and Stephen Jones from 1999 to 2005, so trust me when I say this. They've done a better job of evaluating players than we did 10 years ago. They are better in preparation and organization than anything we ever had. Looking back we had complete drafts in the early 2000's that were nothing but high risk players. Guys with huge issues that were premium picks that busted out of the league after one or two seasons. There is no question that Jerry Jones learned from those drafts because he takes far less chances but that's not going to stop him from continue to take chances on players in the future.    

David:Both Jerry and Stephen Jones said on Wednesday that they don't expect this to change their draft strategy, so there's your short answer. But honestly, I have a hard time criticizing the decision too much. At the time Gregory was drafted, I didn't want to deal with his off-field issues, and I wasn't convinced he fit the scheme. But when you have an opportunity to add a top-10 talent at the back end of the second round, it seems awfully hard to pass up. It was a gamble, and it didn't work out – but it was probably a risk worth taking. As Stephen Jones himself said on Wednesday, that's business. Some gambles work and some don't. It's all about deciding which ones are worth it. 


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