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Mailbag: Potential Interest In Sam Shields? How Does Jabrill Peppers Fit?

I know how much this club loves free agents without breaking the bank. What do you think of a Sam Shields signing. I think he'd be a great fit for this team and would fill a need without having to reach in the draft.

Bryan: I am always worried about players that have to deal with concussions. I don't think it's a reach in this draft to find good players that are healthy, especially at cornerback. I am going to take my chances there first. 

David:Sam Shields is a damn good corner, and if he were 100 percent healthy I'd be very interested in signing him – although his price tag would be much larger. The problem isn't just that Shields has concussions issues. His concussion issues kept him out of 15 games last year, and they prompted the Packers to release him. That's incredibly concerning to me, and I think it makes me want to stay away.

Hypothetically, no pass rusher you like is available and Jabrill Peppers falls to 28, do you take him?  He is a hybrid type player without a clearly defined role, but a double edged sword was available in B. Jones (safety/corner) and has been a nice addition. Does Peppers versatility fit in or contrast with the straight-forward style that Marinelli plays?

Bryan: I think that Peppers best spot might be as a running back. He doesn't tackle as well as you think and he will struggle to cover. The best trait he has is with the ball in his hands. 

David:Let's assume for a second that Peppers' future lies on defense, despite Bryan's evaluation. Even in that scenario, I'm not sure I see a spot for him here – and your question hit the nail on the head. The Cowboys love position flex, but Rod Marinelli's scheme is still very straightforward and simple. I'm not sure I can picture Peppers playing a hybrid in this scheme, which has such clearly-defined roles. I'd be fairly surprised if the Cowboys drafted him.

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