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Mailbag: Potential Trade Deadline Moves? How Does Dak Impact Draft?

With the trade deadline coming up soon, do you see the Cowboys making a move? Maybe a middle linebacker or defensive line help. Minnesota needs a running back and they are stacked on defense.

David:I know the Cowboys made two deals last season when injuries forced them to, but I can't think of anything in the NFL season that is more overblown than the trade deadline. Yes, you occasionally see some deals, but I think you're wasting your energy if you're waiting for something big to happen. It's theoretically possible that they could try to trade Darren McFadden if he returns from the NFI list, but I'd be fairly surprised to see that happen.

Rob: The trade deadline is Nov. 1, three weeks away, so I guess you can't rule out the Cowboys trying to make a move with a team for help if (knock on wood) they were to endure a significant injury between now and then. They made two in-season trades last year (for Matt Cassel and Brice Butler) with Tony Romo and Dez Bryant facing multi-week absences. But the last big deadline deal they made was 2008 for wide receiver Roy Williams. The deadline is usually quiet and I'd probably expect that to continue.

The Cowboys may have indeed found their QB of the future. Other than not using a high draft pick on a QB, does having Dak impact the approach to free agency and upcoming drafts in any way?

David:I assume you're thinking about the 2012-13 Seattle Seahawks, who had a staggering amount of money to throw around because they were paying Russell Wilson pennies. The problem with that logic is that Tony Romo is still on the roster and still commanding a $20 million salary. So I don't think anything is going to change about the way the Cowboys handle free agency. The prospect of having found a quarterback might impact their draft strategy, though. Perhaps they focus more on the defensive side of the ball in the next few years.

Rob: Well, it means you don't have to think about spending big on a free-agent QB to replace Tony Romo whenever that time comes. Other than that, it's a tough question to answer because Romo is still considered the franchise quarterback on this team with a large salary. It's not the "Dak Era" yet, even though it's clearly the future. I do think being settled at that spot can allow them to focus on adding defensive help in the draft next year. It's the most important position to cross off the list, for sure.


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