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Mailbag: Prioritizing Needs In The Draft? Future Outlook For Rico Gathers?



If there are good players available at each of the needed positions, with equal numbers on the board, which position do you pick first?

Bryan:It's a good question, but if players have similar grades on the draft board they will go to what they call "The Stack." That's the order in which they'd take the players, regardless of position. I'd likely lean to LB first just from what I've seen so far. 

David:Now that Bryan has given you the official "scouting" answer, I'll just go with my gut. As much as a linebacker would help this team, I'd like to spend the No. 19 overall pick on a guy that's going to start immediately. If two great players are there, I'd draft either a safety or a wide receiver. Safety would be my preference.



Will Rico Gathers be available to compete for a role on this team moving forward?  Also, do you think that Dak and he can be a viable duo with Jason Witten's career winding down?

Bryan: It will be an interesting offseason for Gathers. I wish he would have been able to practice all season, but that just wasn't possible with his health. I think we have to be careful putting him in the mix as that heir apparent to Witten. There are several tight ends in this upcoming draft that they will likely consider, along with Blake Jarwin. 

David:I honestly don't know what to expect from Rico this year. He'll undoubtedly be in the mix – but 2017 was such a setback to his development, given that he hasn't practiced since August. He's an intriguing talent, but I doubt he'd stop the Cowboys from drafting a new tight end. And honestly, I'm not sure the Cowboys will truly find Witten's successor until he retires.

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