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Mailbag: Process Of Hiring Assistant Coaches? Options At Running Back?

After reading your comments on Lamar Miller, what do you think about Matt Forte as an option at running back?

David: I'd consider it, but only under certain circumstances. If Forte wanted to take a discount to come here because he knows how good the offensive line is, and because he knows the Cowboys should have a chance to contend, then fine. I'm not interested in overpaying for a veteran running back, though.

Rob: Just my opinion: ultimately I see the Cowboys going the draft route at running back. For example, they weren't going to spend too much to retain DeMarco Murray last offseason, and a rookie back is fresher, hasn't taken years of hits. There are several good backs in this class who would make a nice pairing with Darren McFadden.

I remember when Jerry hired Wade Phillips as head coach, he already had Jason Garrett as his offensive coordinator. Given that Jerome Henderson's job has been vacant for several weeks, my question is who all is involved in the process of hiring a new defensive backs coach? Is it all up to Jason, or is Jerry involved as well?

David:As all members of the front office like to repeat, it's always going to be a collective decision with these types of things. The important thing to remember is that this isn't college football. There's no recruiting to be done, and OTAs don't start until May. The Cowboys can afford to take their time to ensure they get the right guy.

Rob: As Garrett has said about various team decisions over the years, there's always discussion between himself and the front office. Ultimately Garrett picks his assistants. There isn't really a set timeframe for picking Henderson's replacement. I think they're just being diligent here. It's an important decision – the DBs played well in certain areas last year, but takeaways certainly must rise in 2016.

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