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Mailbag: Projections For Jameill Showers? Blitzing More Often?


If Jameill Showers comes in and shows progress and outperforms Kellen Moore and Dak Prescott in camp and preseason, what are the actual odds he makes the 53? It feels like he's going to get cut regardless of performance.*

David: I think you make a great point – the odds are stacked against Showers. I wouldn't even factor Dak Prescott into this conversation, because there's no way a fourth-round pick at quarterback is getting cut as a rookie. So Showers is essentially competing with Kellen Moore, who has been in the league much longer and has a much better understanding of the offense. I think Showers' best bet is to make a favorable impression and earn another year on the practice squad – assuming another team doesn't steal him away.

Nick: I've said it before, his best chance of making the team is if Prescott shines so much that the Cowboys are comfortable making him the backup to Romo. If that happens, Showers has a shot to stick around as No. 3. Still, I don't think it's likely because the Cowboys will then have two unproven players backing up Romo. Showers to the practice squad seems likely more than any other equation.

I know that in Rod Marinelli's scheme there is not much blitzing, but why won't he at least try it (more than he does) just to keep the other team honest and to keep them out of rhythm?

David:The one thing you always hear about Rod Marinelli's defense is that it's very simple. He wants his players to execute simple concepts very efficiently and with a lot of hustle. When it works well, it can be a thing of beauty. When it doesn't work well, it can be pretty gross. I guess this is a pretty frustrating answer, but I just don't see Marinelli doing much to compromise the simplicity of the thing.

Nick:Teams blitz because they have to. Ideally, you want a defensive line that can get to the quarterback on its own. I think the Cowboys also need to be better at blitzing. We've seen them bring the house too many times and not even get home. So blitzing more is one thing to consider, but blitzing better is another.

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