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Mailbag: Protecting The Roster's Weak Spots? Trading Up From No. 34?

With the Cowboys visiting with DL Jason Jones (an upgrade over Jack Crawford DE/DT) and the signing of RB Alfred Morris in mind. Doesn't it seem like they are protecting themselves at each position of need so if their QB is available at No. 4, they'd take him?

Bryan: Happy to see that you are listening to those words that scouts like to use, protecting. That's exactly what they are doing. Fill positions that you feel like you are able to address now, but if a player you like becomes available, then go for it. They have signed the majority of positions they need to upgrade with the exception of quarterback and now have to ability to address that in the draft.

David: I agree with you 100 percent that it looks like they're trying to fortify themselves at the trouble spots. Whether that means they draft a quarterback probably depends on how they feel about these guys. They're not going to draft a quarterback at No. 4 just because they need a backup. There's going to have to be a lot of confidence that this guy is the future of the franchise. I'm not convinced they feel that way about any of these quarterbacks. Not at No. 4 overall, anyway.


If Paxton Lynch falls near the bottom of the first round, do you see a scenario where Dallas trades back into the first round to jump a team like Denver and draft him as their future QB?

Bryan: If you want to jump back into this draft you have to be careful where you want to do it. I know for a fact that they could go to the New York Jets at No. 20 if they like. That type of move always comes at a price, but for a guy that could be their best quarterback I don't see this front office balking at the opportunity.

David: I think he'd have to fall a substantial way down the board for that to be feasible. I can't see Dallas jumping too high. But they have shown a willingness to do that. It's only been two years since they jumped from No. 47 to No. 34 to select DeMarcus Lawrence. If he's within 10 or so picks of them and they want him, I could see it happening.

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