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Mailbag: Purpose Of Romo's Extra Snaps? How Many QBs For Game Day?

Maybe I'm putting too much into this. But, given the fact that the coaches are altering the practices in order to give Tony Romo more reps with the ones, do you get the sense that they are still preparing for him to play again before the year is over?

Bryan: There is no question of that. We still have seven games remaining in this season plus hopefully a long playoff run. They owe it to the team to have Romo ready if they need him. 

David:Keep in mind that Tony Romo hasn't played meaningful snaps in a year – and even that was just a couple of games before he re-broke his clavicle. So yes, the coaching staff wants to get him acclimated and ready to go. That doesn't necessarily mean they're preparing him to take Dak's place. He simply needs time on task.


Now that the starting QB question has been put to rest and Tony Romo is now the backup.  How many QB's will the Cowboys keep active on game day?  I personally feel they should keep three.  Isn't it only logical to keep a third seeing how no one really knows how Tony's body is going to respond to live game speed hits?

Bryan: They will dress two because they need the other spot. Especially with what is going on in the secondary. If both Prescott and Romo both go down in a game you are likely going to lose anyway. 

David:This is a pretty interesting point, in my opinion. He might be fully healthy, but Romo's injury history hardly gives you a ton of confidence. In a perfect world, I'm sure they'd love to dress three quarterbacks to protect against injury. But I have a hard time believing they'll do that, because there's only so much room on the 46-man roster.


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