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Mailbag: Re-Thinking The Coin Toss Strategy? Reason For No Holding Flags?



Every single game, Jason Garrett has decided to receive on kick off. But at half time almost all games the opposite team had possession, scored and got the ball again in the second half, and also scored. Is that true or is just my imagination?

Bryan: It does appear that has happened several times this season. Last season it was just the opposite. He's takes the ball he scores points. Bottom line is that this year's team is not last year's team so he might need to rethink that approach. 

David:To be fair, the Cowboys aren't always opting for the ball – sometimes the opponent wins the toss and defers. But yes, their insistence on starting with the ball isn't working this year, so it doesn't make sense to me why they keep doing it. They've had the ball to start 10 of their 11 games this year, and those 10 drives have results in six punts, two field goals, one touchdown and one turnover. On the flipside, they've allowed an opposing touchdown on the first drive of the second half in four straight games. This is a strategy I'd re-think at this point in the season.



Can anyone explain to me, how it is even possible, for opposing teams to have not been called for a single offensive holding penalty, in the last 33 quarters? That is the equivalent of 8 1/4 games. I'm not blaming their poor performance on penalties, but something isn't right here.

Bryan:I have no answer for your question. I watch their tape every week and there are clear calls that aren't being made. I know as a staff they turn in those plays each week and I am sure that the league just says sorry. 

David:It's a strange statistic, and it's definitely troubling – but I'm not ready to call for some type of NFL conspiracy, which seems to be a popular opinion among fans. I don't have a great answer for you, other than that football can be a weird game. But I don't think it amounts to a conspiracy.

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