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Mailbag: Reaction To Carroll Situation? Keeping Romo's Locker Open?

What is with all the disciplinary problems? Now Nolan Carroll can be added to the list. What kind of behavior monitoring, if any, do they have in place? It seems every year we have people failing drug tests, getting DWIs, or worse. When is this going to stop? What does the team do about it?

Bryan: You try and treat these players like adults. I don't know what they can do any different? The organization provides assistance for addictions, ride home after nights on the town and they've had staff living with players. You can't hold these players' hands 24/7 – at some point these players have to grow up, but to put blame on this organization is completely out of bounds.

David:Obviously, it's a bad look for the Cowboys when something like Carroll's arrest happens, given how much this team harps on having the "right kind of guys." But honestly, as frustrating as it is, I'm not sure what the Cowboys are supposed to do in a situation like that – unless you think it's realistic to have someone shadow every player during every hour of every day. Plenty of people have suggested cutting Carroll to set an example, and I think that's an overly simplistic way to look at things. This is a professional football team full of grown men – not the local high school squad. Carroll is guaranteed roughly 30 percent of his contract, regardless of whether or not you cut him. And if he is cut, he's still likely to find employment somewhere else, because he's talented. So I don't think you gain anything by releasing him, other than potentially losing the respect of the locker room. Like I said, it's a frustrating situation. But I think at some point you have to hold adults accountable for their actions and let them deal with the consequences.

Since Tony Romo is not officially retired, nine is still his number and Dallas also has kept his locker open, do you think that this is an indication that he will be back in case Dak gets badly injured?

Bryan: Yes. No doubt. If something happens where Prescott can't finish the season – I believe we'll see him back.

David:It's completely possible that Tony Romo could step in and carry the load for the Cowboys if something were to happen to Dak Prescott. Jerry Jones said himself two weeks ago that Romo hasn't filed his retirement paperwork. But let's be clear: that's not why the Cowboys are keeping his locker and number open. Those are signs of respect for a great player – a guy who holds most of the franchise's passing records. You're not going to give the all-time passing leader's number and locker away to any old scrub who might not make the team. It's theoretically possible Romo could come back, but his vacant locker doesn't have anything to do with it.

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