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Mailbag: Realistic Expectations For Lee? Front Office Stability?

Sean Lee is coming off of an ACL injury, so what are realistic expectations for him this year?

Bryan: From what I have seen from his work in these OTAs, he looks completely healthy and ready to go. His lateral agility and overall movement might even be better than before he hurt the knee. He looks more flexible and quicker. If I go on what I have observed, I expect him to play the entire season and hopefully into the playoffs. I really like the position switch for him as well just to save the wear and tear on him.

David:As you might have heard, Lee has apparently been playing with a partial tear since college, so this is his first chance to be fully healthy in quite some time. That's good news. It's not exactly fair, but given his contract situation, I think it's entirely reasonable to expect Pro Bowl-type production from him. That's the standard he holds himself to, and that's what the Cowboys are expecting for what they're paying him.


Been a Cowboy Fan about 20 years now and I think I would have to say this appears to be the most stable the organization has looked from top to bottom. What do you attribute this to? Jerry Jones learning from the mistakes of the past, Stephen Jones becoming more involved, or Jason Garrett?

Bryan: This is going to sound funny but Jerry Jones is still the same guy he was 20 years ago in regards to running this football team. He has always relied on the information he was getting from the coaches and scouts in order to make his decisions. Where things have changed and you are exactly right is that the folks providing that information have done a much better job of providing it for him. You should absolutely give credit to Stephen, Jason Garrett and Will McClay for the way they have provided sound opinions along the way.

David:All of the most successful teams in the league tend to operate the way the Cowboys have been running their ship the past few years – drafting well, acting responsibly in free agency and making tough decisions when necessary. I don't think there's any single person that deserves the credit for this decision-making, but it certainly seems like ownership, coaching and the personnel department have been on the same page about the plan for this team for the past three or four years. I think it's probably a joint effort, having learned from mistakes in the past.

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