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Mailbag: Reason For Not Drafting A DT?; Faith In The Current Running Backs?

Why do the Cowboys continue to ignore DT in the draft when they are so poor at the positon? Between Tyrone Crawford and Nick Hayden I think they had three or four sacks. And who takes Crawford's spot when he is not in the game? Build in the trenches.

Bryan: Unless their last name is Dareus, Suh or McCoy – you are not going to get many sacks from your defensive tackles. There were several snaps last season where, if the coverage had held up just a little longer, Tyrone Crawford would have had two or three more sacks. Look for Jeremy Mincey to shift inside on nickel situations with Crawford and I bet you will see those numbers go up. Also keep an eye on Terrell McClain, who these coaches really like at that spot as well.

David: It is pretty interesting when you look at the depth chart and see how many resources this team has pumped into the defensive end position, while seemingly ignoring defensive tackle. I take it to be a sign of faith in Rod Marinelli. The Cowboys feel good that they have a solid three-tech in Crawford, and they believe Marinelli can coax production out of guys like Terrell McClain, Nick Hayden, Ken Bishop and Davon Coleman. We'll see if they're right. I will say this, though: I think Dallas was preparing to draft Iowa's Carl Davis in the third round on Friday night, but Baltimore took him off the board one spot in front of them.


Are we really going into the season with two injury-prone running backs (McFadden and Williams), an underperformer (Dunbar) and an off-field risk (Randle)? I am very upset we didn't take Jay Ajayi in the fourth round. Do you think Jerry has a deal cooking for Adrian Peterson now?

Bryan: They don't share the same feeling as you do, but you shouldn't be surprised by this. Jerry Jones told you this much in the pre-draft media availability. My personal view is that you are selling McFadden way short. This is the first time in his career where he has played with a real quarterback, receivers, tight ends and most importantly an offensive line -- and he will flourish in this opportunity.

David: Along with the selection of Randy Gregory, this is going to be the story that dominates the Cowboys' 2015 draft. They had at least two or three opportunities to address running back, but they opted to roll with their guys. It's a decision that is either going to look very smart or very silly later this year. I think the guys on the roster are capable of handling the load, but I also think it's a sizable gamble. We'll see how it plays out. As for Adrian Peterson, don't hold your breath. The Vikings would want draft picks, and the draft is now over. I can't imagine they'd trade away the best running back in football for a draft pick they can't use until next May.

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