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Mailbag: Reason For The Disappointing Pass Rush? Roster Moves At QB?

I really thought early this year we would have a much better pass rush, but it's not happening!  Do you think it's because the defense is on the field too much, or the defense is just not that good? What are we missing?

Nick:Good question. It's always a few things. DeMarcus Lawrence hasn't given the team what we expected and the same can be said for Tyrone Crawford. Yes, the defense isn't in the best positions now because of the lack of offensive production, but we did think these guys would win more 1-on-1 battles.

David:To this point of the season, the only guy that's really met the expectations placed on him is Hardy. I don't want to put too much expectation on a rookie, but there was plenty of belief that Randy Gregory could be a difference-maker, and he's been hurt. Lawrence and Crawford haven't been as great as many had hoped. And it's probably worth mentioning that they lost Terrell McClain. It's definitely been a combination of things that have caused the disappointing performance.

Why wouldn't we release Brandon Weeden instead of Kellen Moore? All I keep hearing is that Weeden has the NFL experience over Kellen Moore, but all of Weeden's experience has been losing games.

Nick: I think Moore might end up on the practice squad. Let's see what happens when Romo returns to the roster. They've got to make another roster move and it very well could be the player you're referring to.

David:Like Nick said, Moore's roster spot was taken by Mark Nzeocha – so there's still going to be a roster move to make when Romo returns from short-term injured reserve. To your point, I think the coaching staff puts a premium on experience. Whether we agree with that is a different story.

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