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Mailbag: Regret Over Cutting Darius Jackson? Open QB Competition?

Looking back, do you think it was a mistake to waive Darius Jackson during the season rather than Lance Dunbar, who was not used much and is now a free agent?

Bryan: It was a mistake not to get rid of Andrew Gachkar or Lucky Whitehead. They carried Jackson for 12 weeks, had a plan for him, then other agendas took over. It's a shame that they lost Jackson. 

David:I'm torn on this answer, because it's safe to assume that serviceable running backs are easy to find in the NFL. It's unlikely that the Cowboys released a future Hall of Famer. With that said, I thought it was a short-sighted move at the time, and it looks even worse in hindsight. The Cowboys' depth behind Ezekiel Elliott looks awfully thin, with Darren McFadden and Lance Dunbar headed for free agency, and Alfred Morris was an afterthought down the stretch of the season. They will likely need to find some depth, either in free agency or the draft. The frustrating thing is that they already did that last year with Jackson – and they bailed out on that strategy for seemingly no reason. Oh well.

To quote Tony Romo: "the NFL is a meritocracy."  With the Romo situation being so complex, what would be the harm in keeping both Tony/Dak and letting them compete in the preseason for the right to run the offense?

Bryan: The front office made their decision to go with Prescott -- they're now working on plans to move on from Romo. I don't see any scenario where he returns to lead this team. 

David:Romo had a point, but that doesn't take the full picture into account. Why would a 37-year-old veteran want to come back to fight for a job he might not win? Why would the organization want to waste a year of Dak's youth (and just as importantly, his cheap rookie contract) by sitting him? Why would they want to hinder his development? Football is a meritocracy to a degree, but electing to go with Dak was a decision I just don't think you can go back on. You move forward with the guy you have determined is your starter.


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