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Mailbag: Regrets From Past Years? Potential Free Agency Moves For QBs?


I know seeing people walk is part of free agency.  I have not followed all the free agents we let walk.  Who do you think we made a big mistake on letting walk, and who were we smart to let walk in the last few years?

Bryan: DeMarco Murray and Dwayne Harris are the obvious choices, but   would have tried to re-sign Justin Durant for this defense after last season. I don't believe he got the credit he deserved for the way he played while he was here. He did a nice job of holding this defense together while he was on the field. It was not smart to let Martellus Bennett walk. He has been outstanding in two stops since.

David:I said all offseason that it'd be smart to let DeMarco Murray walk, and I feel pretty good about that opinion as we sit here today. Given the way the Cowboys have struggled to rush the passer the past two seasons, though, I have to imagine there was a way the organization could have kept DeMarcus Ware around for a lower price. Ware has played at a Pro Bowl level during both of his seasons in Denver, while the Cowboys' pass rush has underwhelmed.


If Johnny Manziel is released by the Browns and Robert Griffin III is released by the Redskins, which QB should the Cowboys go after?  Should they sign both? One of them?  Or should they pass on both of them and concentrate on the draft?

Bryan: I would concentrate on the draft. I studied Manziel on Tuesday and I have to admit I was surprised with the way he played. There were several throws where he gave his team a chance. He really does flash at you. Griffin III is healthy and would make sense just because the off the field questions are far less, but there are things you would have to do scheme-wise to give him the best chance to succeed.

David:Obviously, you've got to stop and consider both those guys for many reasons other than their abilities at quarterback. Either one would bring a firestorm of media scrutiny, and I'm not convinced it'd be worth the hassle. But strictly from a football standpoint, I think Manziel might be a better fit for this system. Neither player is ideal for what Scott Linehan likes to do, but I've been more encouraged by what I've seen out of Manziel.

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