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Mailbag: Reluctance To Release Rolando McClain? Showers' Opportunity?

Why is it this team is so hesitant to take the $750,000 cap hit if they release Rolando McClain and yet, had no problem taking a $2 million dollar cap hit just last year when they cut LB Jasper Brinkley? Brinkley, who by the way played a grand total of zero games for Dallas. Don't they have more than enough space to eat it up?

David:It's a great question, and it's hard to answer. The Cowboys could absolutely afford to eat that money if they wanted to, but I honestly think it's about the principle of the matter. They gave that money to McClain on the assumption that he'd give them his best shot, and he clearly hasn't done that. I don't think they want to give nearly $1 million to a guy who has done nothing to earn it.

Rob:It's a fair question that a lot of fans have asked. You could say the Cowboys still think McClain could help them in December coming off suspension. Or you could say, because he hasn't reported to camp and put them in a difficult spot with a suspension two years in a row, they just don't want to give away that money by releasing him. The team isn't elaborating much on the situation, but you start to get the feeling they aren't expecting much from McClain this season even if he isn't released.

I watched Jameill Showers all preseason last year and was very impressed. I thought he did a good job moving the chains with both his arm and legs, so my question is why are we not hearing his name in the backup competition?

David:The Cowboys will tell you that they like Jameill Showers a lot – and I'm sure they do. The reason you don't hear much about him is because of the numbers game. I can't imagine the team carrying more than three quarterbacks, and two of those spots will go to Tony Romo and Dak Prescott – no doubt about it. That means Showers is going to have to definitively outplay Kellen Moore to earn a spot. It's possible, but not likely. I think the Cowboys are hoping they can once again sneak Showers onto their practice squad as a developmental project.

Rob:Have to remember Showers primarily worked on special teams last year on the practice squad. They're giving him an opportunity to focus on quarterback this preseason, but he hasn't gotten the playing experience Kellen Moore has, and the team has invested a draft pick in Dak Prescott. He should have his chance to get noticed in camp and preseason games.


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