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Mailbag: Replacing Jason Witten's Leadership? Rookie DE Comparison?


A prevalent theme in the "All Or Nothing" series is guys like Witten, Dez Bryant and Scandrick being relied upon for veteran leadership in the locker room (2/3 were captains). With all three players now gone, which players on the roster do you have the most confidence in replacing that vocal leadership (other than Sean Lee)?

Bryan: This is Dak Prescott's time. He needs to grab this team by the neck and make each and every player accountable for how they play. His personality leads me to believe that he is capable of doing just that. Like Witten, he is a passionate player and his teammates will feed off that.

Rob: The young guys Witten mentioned in his retirement press conference have leadership qualities. Now, maybe there's not a super-vocal guy the way Witten was, but the offensive line is a veteran group has immense respect in the locker room for the way they handle business. I agree with Bryan, though: Dak is the logical answer to step into a larger leadership role. It's really his team now in a lot of ways, and he's already shown the ability to connect with his teammates.


How does Dorance Armstrong compare with Charles Tapper? They seem like similar five-tech players in college that are being projected to rush end.

Bryan: From the film I studied I didn't see Armstrong as a five technique at all. The wider he played the better he was. I liked Tapper coming out but I didn't see the same traits as Armstrong. This guy is a violent player for someone that's a rush end. Armstrong has a chance to be really good coming off that right side. 

Rob: The thing that stands out to me about Tapper first is his quick first step, and that's something you hear about Armstrong, too. Glad you mentioned Tapper because he's someone you don't immediately think about when analyzing this pass rush. Injuries have held him back.

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