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Mailbag: Replacing Zeke's Workload? Interest In NaVorro Bowman?

If Zeke's suspension for these next six games holds up, how do you see touches being distributed between Darren McFadden, Alfred Morris and Rod Smith?

Bryan: There is a side of me that believes they've kept McFadden inactive just in case this happened. I could see him as the starter with Morris as the backup coming in for one or two series a game. Smith has been used in some nickel work and that should continue, as well. I could be wrong with all this and Morris could be named the starter, so we'll see. 

David:I absolutely have no problem believing that the Cowboys were saving McFadden for just this type of situation -- but I'd be surprised if he simply becomes the starter. I think you'd see a solid rotation between him and Morris, with Rod Smith getting a few leftover touches.

Would NaVorro Bowman be worth looking at? I'm not sure of his asking price but if reasonable I think he could help our defense out, especially in run defense.

Bryan: He's a Mike linebacker, and that's what Anthony Hitchens and Jaylon Smith play. He's still a good player but not that great player he once was. His injuries have caught up to him so keep that in mind if in fact he does sign here. I wouldn't be one bit surprised if he stays in the Bay Area and signs with Oakland. As a veteran player he has too many ties there. 

David:Even if Bowman is primarily a middle linebacker, I'm still intrigued by this idea. He gives you a veteran presence and an early-down contributor. He's also solid insurance in the event of any more injuries. Of course, the other half of that argument is whether you want Bowman stopping Jaylon Smith's progress. If it were up to me, I think I'd try to get him here -- but we don't see the Cowboys do these types of deals very often. I'd be fairly surprised if it happens.


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