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Mailbag: Rest Starters With Division Clinched? Does Romo Get Playing Time?

With the Cowboys clinching home field I do understand the importance of playing your starters to keep momentum going through the playoffs. That being said which players do you see getting some time off to recover from some nagging injuries or just to give them fresh legs once the playoffs start?

Bryan: I would treat the last game much like a final preseason game. All the starters that you can rest – go for it. This is a long season and by the way they've played they have earned this right to rest players.

David:I really don't expect much to change for the Monday night game against Detroit. The Cowboys are already most of the way through their preparations, and they don't want to start taking it easy three weeks before the playoffs start. I think the Philly game could be a different story. I would guess you'll see guys with injury concerns sit out, and any starters that do play might take a seat by halftime. It's probably not something Jason Garrett wants to do, but it's the smart call.

Is it time to give Tony Romo some playing time, now that the Cowboys have clinched the No. 1 seed in the NFC?  He hasn't played many actual games over the past two years and he is the No. 2 QB.

Bryan: I don't play Romo at all. You had a chance to do this earlier in the year and didn't do it. Playing Romo with backups does him no good.  

David:I've gone on the record as saying I'd give Romo a chance to play some games, because I want to see what he looks like and try to determine what his trade value might be. However, Jerry Jones has said that he'd prefer Romo be healthy for the playoffs, rather than play him in meaningless games. Maybe the Cowboys will change their minds, but I get the feeling it'd be Mark Sanchez that takes snaps if the Cowboys opt to pull their starters.

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