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Mailbag: Riding The Hot Hand At QB? Favorite Jason Witten Memory?

So Tony is not going on IR in case the team still makes the playoffs. But if Cassel wins five straight, beating Green Bay on the road and Washington twice, why not just ride the hot hand in the playoffs instead of a rusty Romo? Tony didn't play that well vs. Miami & Carolina, obviously not his usual self.

Bryan: I agree with your thought, but I also understand that Cassel has quarterback in four straight losses – to be honest I am not expecting the outcome to be any different.

David:I disagree. Tony Romo is an All-Pro quarterback – one of five or six guys in the league capable of willing his team to a win. Even if Cassel has been playing well, Romo gives you the best shot to win. All of that said, I'm pretty confident the Cowboys aren't going to have to worry about making that decision.


My favorite memory of Jason Witten is when he rumbled downfield without a helmet after making a catch a few years ago. What are your most memorable or iconic images of Jason Witten as he approaches another career milestone?

Bryan: My favorite memory of Jason Witten was sitting in the draft room in 2003 and seeing his tag on that board in the first round, and it was our turn to pick in the third round. The Draft Gods were clearly with us that day.

David:A lot of stuff comes to mind – like the no-helmet catch and the time he played through a lacerated spleen. During my brief time covering the team, though, I'd have to say last year's playoffs. It was 4th-and-6 at the Detroit 42-yard line, and there was very little doubt about where Tony Romo would look. He found Witten for 21 yards, and then the Cowboys hit the game-winning score six plays later.

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