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Mailbag: Risk, Reward Of Drafting Too High? Long-Term Deals For the OL?

I remember all the fuss when the Cowboys traded back and took Travis Frederick at the bottom of the draft. If a talent doesn't fall to the Cowboys at No. 27, like Gurley or a Peters. And if the Cowboys think Tevin Coleman or Jay Ajayi won't be there when they pick in the second round, do you pull the trigger on one of them or does defensive needs outweigh anything like that?

Bryan: Well, to trade up or back you need a trading partner and a player on that board to help make that trade happen. If you remember, in the Frederick trade, the Cowboys didn't get the value they deserved to make that trade. My experience has been always been that if you get stuck on the pick, go ahead and just make the call of who the best player is on your board. If Coleman and Ajayi fit that spot then that's what needs to be done.

David: That's something I've been thinking about a lot recently – if you get your guy and he meets your expectations, does it matter if you took him too high? It's incredibly likely the Cowboys could have taken Frederick with their No. 47 overall pick, or maybe even later, in 2013. But no one is complaining after seeing him make the Pro Bowl. As with most draft analysis, I think it'll depend largely on what's left on their board. On top of that, I think they're confident they can find a valuable running back later on, even if their top preferences aren't available. So it doesn't seem likely, but perhaps it's possible.

Do you see the Cowboys locking up Freddy and Martin long term this year with as great as this OL is playing?

Bryan: There is still time for both of these players to receive contract extensions so there is no rush to get that done right now. My guess is when that happens it will be Martin that is the one that is done first.

David: No, and that's the benefit of drafting well. Frederick is secured for at least two, if not three more seasons at an incredibly team-friendly rate, while Martin is secured for three, if not four more seasons. I would guess you'll start to hear about extensions for those two when their option year is approaching.


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