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Mailbag: Rolando McClain's Job Security? Special Plays For Prescott?


Going into the third week of OTAs and with the vague and puzzling excuse of personal issues as his reason for missing yet another significant portion of offseason training, do you feel Rolando McClain's spot on the roster could be in jeopardy?*

Bryan:The worry with McClain is not on the field, and when it comes time to be on the field for training camp and the game – I believe he will be there. As far as his roster spot in jeopardy, I don't think that's the case. If Jaylon Smith was healthy and you were comfortable with Andrew Gachkar and Mark Nzeocha as backups – then you could make a case. But this staff is willing to put up with McClain until a better solution presents itself.

David: I don't want to slam the guy too hard without knowing the issue. Jason Garrett has said repeatedly that he's dealing with a family issue, and we simply don't know the severity of it. That said, it's fair to say that something has hindered McClain's commitment to the offseason program pretty much every year he's been here. I don't think his roster spot is in jeopardy, because he's going to show up when he needs to, and he's still this team's best bet at Mike linebacker right now. But if you were ever curious about why Rolando McClain can't get a long-term deal, this is why. He's good enough to keep his job this season, but this issue is why he doesn't have any job security past 2016.

Do you think there's a chance the Cowboys coaches will implement a special package where Dak Prescott could get a few snaps this season using a spread formation, giving him the option to run, hand off, or pass?

Bryan: I don't think that would happen unless Dak Prescott is the backup quarterback going into the game. Right now it appears that the plan is to have him as the third quarterback with Kellen Moore as that backup. Roster spots are too valuable on game day to dress three quarterbacks so that hurts your idea for Prescott.

David:I don't think it'll happen, but it really is fun to think about Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott running some zone-read plays, like Robert Griffin III and Alfred Morris did back in 2012. Unfortunately, I think the coaches would rather get Prescott acclimated to their offense than worry about a special package. Maybe in the future, though? If Prescott is the starter or the backup in 2017 or 2018, and he's got a better command of the offense, it's not crazy to think they might give him some spread plays to work with.


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