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Mailbag: Rookie Ceiling For Gregory? Notable Training Camp Cuts?

I'm a fan of Randy Gregory, and it seems that among the rookies he has the potential to get quite a bit of playing time this season and has the best chance to be a force for Dallas.  What stats are realistically projected for him this season and can he potentially change a game?

Bryan: Gregory is going to get plenty of opportunities to rush the passer this season. What has been surprising to me about his game is the number of pass rush moves that he actually has. While he was at Nebraska I thought he really was limited to how he could attack a blocker. There were snaps in these camps where he put Tyron Smith in some tough situations and if he can continue to work in that manor he has a good chance for some success down the road. If I were to project a number for him on sacks, I would go with 5 to 7 for the season which would be a nice start to his career.

David:Gregory's best asset as a rookie is going to be his speed, because I'm just not sure how his weight is going to hold up during the rigors of an NFL training camp and season. He always reminds me of DeMarcus Ware, who was also considered a tweener. As a rookie in a 3-4 scheme, he put together an eight-sack rookie season. I think that'd be the absolute ceiling for Gregory, but I'd guess five sacks is a more realistic mark. I bet he's going to make a few impact plays this year, though.


With training camp about to start and the possibility that players land on the practice squad before the start of the regular season; what is the best player that the Cowboys have lost on the waiver wire or practice squad?

Bryan: If you talk about players that were just released and went on to great things – Jimmy Smith and Brian Waters come to mind for me first. Claimed off a practice squad that would be Danny Amendola. The front office went through a real struggle whether to keep Amendola on the 53 man roster but once he went to the practice squad he became fair game for the league, and he left after the 2008 season.

David:Bryan stole my answer of Danny Amendola, because he decided to give three players instead of just one. But it really is remarkable what Amendola has accomplished since failing to make the 53-man roster here – 2,559 career yards and he won a Super Bowl ring with New England. The Cowboys never actually lost him, but it's worth remembering that Lance Dunbar was initially a roster cut. He was signed to the practice squad in 2012 and added to the active roster later that season. Three years later, he's under contract for $1.5 million and is expected to have his biggest role yet in 2015. 

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