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Mailbag: Roster Hopes For Darius Jackson? Too Much Hype On Zeke?

I believe it is quite possible that the preseason performance of Darius Jackson will have the most impact as to what RB stays and goes.  If he does well, with his exceptional combination of size and speed, along with being younger and cheaper and McFaddens's injury, he may well have a better than even chance to make the 53 man roster.  Also, if they attempt to place him on the Practice Squad I very much doubt that he would clear waivers.

Bryan: There is no question that Jackson is going to look the best of all the running backs because he is going to get the most work in the preseason games. If he makes this squad it is likely due to the fact that the front office and coaches decided to move on from Lance Dunbar or they've decided not to carry a fullback on the roster. On a side note, for what you pay McFadden and the production that you get from him it's actually a heck of a deal. We shouldn't lose sight of that.

David: I agree in principle with everything you're saying, which is why I've been talking a lot about Jackson over the last two months. Having said that, let's see how the competition plays out at training camp. McFadden is a talented and proven eight-year veteran. Jackson's going to need to have a heck of a camp to force that kind of decision. Even if Jackson is cheaper, it's not exactly like McFadden is breaking the bank.

Can we lay off the nicknames for players who have yet to play a down in this league?  I get some of us are super excited, however as it stands at this moment, we have no idea if "Zeke the Freak" is the real deal or just another big name who can't make the leap to the NFL.

Bryan:But what if he's the real deal? There are more people in this league that believe that, then there are that believe he will be a bust. I tend to side with those people so have at it "Freak."  

David: I assume this in reference to the Ezekiel Elliott question we answered the other day. I guess I get your point, but I just don't see why it matters. The team drafted the guy No. 4 overall. People are excited about it. What you decide to call him isn't going to affect how well or poorly he plays. It's ok for football to be fun from time to time.


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