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Mailbag: Roster Move For A Replacement Kicker? Jaylon's Game?

Sounds like the Cowboys are going to bring in another leg while Dan Bailey is injured. Who is the guy they release to open that roster spot?

Bryan: Keep an eye on Kellen Moore. I need to check this but if still practice squad eligible it would make a lot of sense. 

David:Kellen Moore obviously makes a lot of sense, but I still wonder if the coaching staff is 100 percent willing to pull the trigger on that. If they aren't, I guess they could part ways with a guy like Justin March-Lillard. But Moore just seems to make a lot of sense.

Do you feel Jaylon Smith played better this past game since he was able to rotate snaps and not have to play most of the game?

Bryan: There is no question of that. Playing half the snaps is perfect for him at this point. It was a great burden for him to have to start those first five games. He'll be better going forward. 

David:Not only was Jaylon playing fewer snaps, but it seemed like he wasn't being asked to do as much when he was on the field. Ideally, you'd love for him to have the freedom to rush the passer and bring his physicality to the run game. The less he has to do in coverage, the better.


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