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Mailbag: Running Back By Committee? Jerry Jones' Importance To The NFL?

If, say by Week 8, Zeke and Alfred Morris have similar production, can you see a scenario in which these coaches are forced to go running back by committee? Or would Zeke get the nod because of draft position?

Bryan: If they've gone eight weeks and they have got production from both backs aren't they already doing it by committee? The second part of this question should have been: is the team winning games? If they are winning, I see no changes – if it has taken a turn for the worse then I believe you will see Elliott play more to try and further his development for the future. By the way, you shouldn't be selling Darren McFadden short here – he could be in that role you have for Morris.

David:For starters, I don't think Elliott is going to get the nod because of his draft status – I think he'll get the nod because he's better. But, let's say we're all wrong and Zeke struggles to adapt, while one of the veterans – be it Morris or McFadden – excels. I don't think the coaches would have the slightest problem going with the hot hand in that circumstance. But I don't think that'll happen, just for the record.

Would love to get you guys' thoughts on Jerry Jones being ranked No. 1 in the USA Today's 2016 list of the most important people in the NFL.

Bryan: I have been around this team since 1999 in some form or fashion so this doesn't surprise me one bit. Jerry Jones has always had vision for what this league should be from a growth and presentation standpoint. From my experience in working with him, he has an ability to take information from both sides to make a decision and make both sides feel like they are getting their deal done. There is a calmness in the way Jones manages which makes all parties involved feel comfortable which is why he is so trusted and looked upon for his leadership.  
David:I can imagine that some fans might take issue with this because of the Cowboys' lack of on-field success these past 20 years. I think it's totally fair when you look around the landscape of the NFL. Jerry Jones is the most influential person in the league when you consider things like TV deals and licensing agreements – not to mention the standards he has set with his team's stadium and its new facility. That doesn't even include the Rams' move to Los Angeles, which had Jones' fingerprints all over it. His team might not be enjoying the same level of success it has been accustomed to, but there's no denying Jerry Jones' importance to the NFL.


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