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Mailbag: Safety Depth? Wild Card At RB?


If Dallas doesn't take a safety in the draft (seems unlikely), who do they prefer as the backup to George Iloka? Kavon Frazier is a good young box safety who I'd like to see get more action, but he doesn't get the playing time Jeff Heath does. Can you break down why that is? - TYLER BAEM / SAN ANTONIO, TX

Bryan: By the way, I do think they draft a safety and if the right one is there at 58 it will be a no-brainer for them. Coaches will always go with who they feel comfortable with. Jeff Heath has won them games in the past and that's one of the main reasons he gets those opportunities over Frazier. Until Frazier is making those plays as well then he will continue in a backup role.

Rob: Heath has shown the ability to play outside the box and make plays around the ball. He's got more interceptions than anyone on the team since 2015. I think at this point you've got to assume he's still the starter over Iloka when the Cowboys go to training camp. But I'd be a little surprised if they didn't draft a safety.


Is there value to drafting Bryce Love as a potential backup to Zeke? There is a chance he may be there on the third day due to his current injury amount concerns of his smaller build. He would not be available until late in the season or potentially need a redshirt season. Is he someone with value to this current squad? - MANU SALDIVAR-AGUIRRE / PORTLAND, OR

Bryan: You're right that he will likely start the year on physically unable to perform which will require him to miss the first six games. But when healthy he's one of the best in the draft. There are some complete back traits to his game that would fit well here. 

Rob: We've gotten this question a lot, and I wonder if it's because the Cowboys have taken chances on talented prospects with injury history. (Jaylon Smith, anyone?) Love is indeed a wild card. It's really hard to gauge where he'll go due to the ACL. My guess is a team will take a chance before he falls too far. Whether that's the Cowboys remains to be seen, but I fully expect them to take a running back on draft weekend.

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