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Mailbag: Salary Cap Space Plans? Tony Romo To The Ring Of Honor One Day?


Now that Tony Romo has been released and that has freed up some cap space, what is the Cowboys' current cap position? What do you see them doing with the space created by Romo's release? Is it enough to sign some free agent help for the pass rush or will it just go to the rookie pool?

Bryan: You're not going to get the $14 million until June 2. That money could be used on the rookies or Zack Martin's extension.

Rob:As Bryan said, because Romo was designated a post-June 1 release, the Cowboys can spread out his cap hit over two years but they can't get the $14 million in cap relief this year until June 2. Not sure they would be active in free agency at this point anyway. Perhaps they reassess after the draft and see which needs they still have.


Jerry Jones is so particular about who he places on the Ring of Honor. We all know Jason Witten will be included quickly. Do you think Romo will be honored at the same time (like the Triplets)? Until then, who do you think will be inducted?

Bryan: DeMarcus Ware and Tony Romo will surely be inducted soon. Witten when he's done playing. Another one to keep an eye on is Jerry Jones himself with the family making the push to do it now that he's in the Hall of Fame. My dream player would have been Harvey Martin but I believe those days have passed.

Rob: This is just my opinion: I think Romo, Witten and DeMarcus Ware are logical player choices from the 2000s era Cowboys when all are retired. Inducting them all at once would be pretty cool, though it's hard to compare anyone to the Triplets. And don't forget about other players from the '90s and '70s who haven't gotten in. So many great players in this franchise's history – that's what makes the exclusivity of the Ring of Honor so special.

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