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Mailbag: Sanchez A Better Option Than Showers? Why Carry Two FBs?

Given the results of last year's experienced quarterbacks, l'm not convinced that experience is all that helpful in a backup.  Based on that I'd like to know if, in your opinion, Sanchez is truly a better quarterback than Showers, or is he simply more experienced.

David:The Cowboys already have a quarterback with zero NFL starts on their roster, and his name is Dak Prescott. They need an insurance policy for their young rookie, and I don't think a guy with no regular season snaps is a very good policy. That's not meant as a knock on Showers – it's just that I'd rather have the backup be someone who has been through the rigors of an NFL season. In an ideal scenario, Sanchez won't take a single snap. But if he has to, it's nice to know it's not new to him.

Rob: I see your point, and I've talked about Showers' potential for a year now, but at this point, you have to think Sanchez -- with 72 starts and a couple AFC Championship Game appearances over a seven-year career -- is more ready to step in if needed and help the Cowboys win a game. Probably the biggest factor for a backup quarterback is turnovers. The backup doesn't have to win the game; just don't lose the game. If Sanchez is ever asked to play this season, he can give the Cowboys a chance to win if he doesn't turn the ball over and the skill players on this offense make plays for him.

I'm curious as to why we would carry two fullbacks and five safeties. Why not invest one more player on the defensive and the offensive line?

David:I thought that was surprising as well, given the lack of playmakers on the defensive line and the inconsistencies Chaz Green showed during the preseason. I think the Cowboys' logic, though, is that some of these guys will be easier to carry on game day because of their versatility. The more roles you can play, the more value you have on the 46-man roster that gets to dress for games. That said, my guess is the roster won't stay this way for long. Teams make a lot of changes over the course of a 16-game season.

Rob: I'm not convinced they won't look to add depth to the defensive and offensive line at some point, because you're right, they seem light there from a numbers standpoint. But you can't really look at Rod Smith and Keith Smith as just fullbacks. Both can help out at another position, Keith Smith in particular at linebacker. Both guys and rookie safety Kavon Frazier can be core special teams contributors, too. That appears to be the rationale here.

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