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Mailbag: Sean Lee's Impact On Defense; More Hurry-Up Offense For Dak?


*Great game! I couldn't help but notice how good Dak looks in the hurry-up offense.  Any chance that Dallas could randomly add that in during the game some series? By the way, I love the new Jason Garrett decisions! Fake punt no one expected; going on fourth down is awesome. *

Bryan: I agree that the coach was outstanding in his decision making. They have to be careful with that hurry-up offense. They're trying to protect the defense and if you play with tempo you can expose them to more plays if you have three-and-out situations. We could see it at certain times but not all the time.

Rob: No question Jason Garrett made some terrific calls in the game. I think it shows he has the pulse of his team, and the fourth-and-1 call in overtime, in particular, shows the trust he has in the young guys on offense. As far as the hurry-up for Dak, we've seen he's comfortable at a faster tempo, if not a true two-minute type pace. He played that way at Mississippi State and the Cowboys have incorporated some of that here.


When is Sean Lee going to get some consideration for Defensive Player of the Year? He is playing at an unbelievably high level and has remained healthy so far (knocking on wood). He has had a major impact on every game. Lights out!

Bryan:Any time he sees that Eagles helmet - he's at his best. If he can stay healthy as you have said, he should be in consideration for several postseason awards. His tape has been outstanding. 

Rob: The third-and-2 tackle on Darren Sproles for a six-yard loss in the fourth quarter was arguably the biggest play in the game and it was vintage Sean Lee – not just in the execution, but proof of how prepared he is week to week. He was all over the field, and it's performances like that on national television – in addition to season-long production – that help you get back to the Pro Bowl. I think he took a step in that direction Sunday night.

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